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On the Lamb Games holding Winter Saving Sale

On the Lamb Games has their Winter Savings Sale going on now over in their webshop.


From the sales sheet:

Its that time of the year again, we've posted this year's Winter Savings.
This year we have a Brushfire 2 Player Bundle, The continuation of the Cult of Exomorphism Bundle, and an Endless Starter Bundle for 1 or 2 Players. If these don't strike your fancy, we've also got 3 Coupon Codes for you to utilize:

Winter1550 – Save 15% on $50 or more of Brushfire Items*.
Winter25150 – Save 25% on $150 or more of Brushfire Items*.
WinterShipping – FREE WORLD WIDE SHIPPING on orders of $200 or more, including Endless and Winter Savings Bundles.
Discounts/Codes End on December 7th at 23:59:59 EST.

*Winter Savings Bundles do not could towards these totals.