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On the Lamb Games' History of the Endless Fantasy Tactics - Part I

On the Lamb Games gives us more for their Endless Fantasy Tactics previews. This time it's the history of the Endless Fantasy Tactics world, part I.

~ Age of Creation ~
Before the world existed, the six gods had created their own worlds, around stars far from Terra. Numina, the goddess of Light, made worlds of truth and peace, with civilizations enduring for aeons. Salamandros, the god of fire, made worlds of high adventure, heroes and villains creating legends for the ages. Undinite, the goddess of water, made worlds in constant flux, where everything flowed and changed. Titanark, the god of earth, made worlds of static order, beautiful to behold, but timeless and unchanging. Sylphane, the goddess of air, made worlds of arcane energy, wizards weaving the aether into spells of incredible power. Wiggoth, the god of darkness, made worlds of chaos and war, with monsters and armies fighting endlessly.

Tired of endless iterations of similar worlds, the gods came together to create a shared world. They discussed the universal laws of the world for centuries, eventually deciding to each state a rule of this new world. As they stated their laws, each attempted to trump the others, creating a law for enforce their influence.