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On the Lamb Games Announces Upcoming Endless: Fantasy Tactics Kickstarter

On the Lamb Games has announced a new expansion for Endless: Fantasy Tactics, that will be coming to Kickstarter next month. Gaiden Series looks to expand Endless: Fantasy Tactics with new minis with new abilities, and new scenarios to test you and your opponent's mettle on the field of battle. For those coming to the CMON Expo, you can count down the final hours of the campaign with the OTLG crew.
Check below for preview art for some of the minis coming in the new set (several done by the world-famous Heath "BA" Foley).

From the preview:

On May 22nd Endless: Fantasy Tactics will be returning to Kickstarter to bring out new models, new units, and new scenarios.

Here is a preview of some of the new EFT models and units in the base goal.