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On the Lamb announce Nordic Taskforce Vikinger game

On the Lamb Games have announced a new game - Nordic Taskforce Vikinger. From their announcement:
Ragnarok has come to earth. Hel's armies march toward Asgard, and the city of Valkyrie Grove stands in the way. Only Five Youths equipped with Aesir-blessed power suits can stop the end of the world. Nordic Taskforce Vikinger is a Quest-Style board game for 2-6 players. Based on the myriad Tokusatsu Action series from Japan like: Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Ultraman, Metal Hero. Take up the mantle as VikingRed, VikingGreen, VikingBlack, VikingBlue, or VikingYellow, and defend the world. or Play the evil Vaettir and bring destruction and ruin. Interchangeable and Inter-connectable maps designed by Scrying Eye Games. Discover a wintry Scandinavian city besieged by ancient evil. 10 Specially crafted "episodes" to play through, telling the first season of Vikinger, or play freestyle, creating your own objectives and battles. A game that is both co-operative and competitive.