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On the Lamb and Brushfire at Templecon 2013

We had a chance to chat with Emily Fontana, the owner and ultimate overlord over at On the Lamb Games...specifically about their presence and feelings about Templecon 2013.

Here's how that Q&A went down:

TGN: How has your Templecon been?

Emily Fontana: It has been fantastic. This was our first time here, so we didn't know what to expect. We've heard a lot about the show from the fans and we had to come out. Lots of sales, lots of showing Brushfire and Endless: Fantasy Tactics.

TGN: Speaking of your properties, can you tell us a bit about Brushfire first?

EF: It is a historical parody skirmish game. Alternating activation, d10 system where the real world nations' armies are represented by the indigenous species of the area.

TGN: Indigenous species?

EF: Species native to the regions where the armies are based. Chinese pandas, Japanese otters, British bulldogs. That sort of thing.

TGN: How many faction are in Brushfire?

EF: Currently we have eight; French, British, Three-Kingdoms Chinese, Spanish Conquistadors, Japanese, Ottoman Lizards, Germany and Africa. Their might be a new ninth one being showed off at GAMA.

TGN: ALright...what Endless: Fantasy Tactics?

EF: It is grid-based miniatures game; meant as an homage to grid-based tactical RPGS like Final Fantasy Tactics and the like. We are hoping to release that Adepticon.

TGN: What has been your favorite aspect of Templecon 2013?

EF: The people in Rhode Island have been fantastic; so many people that have never seen us before. They have been really friendly.

TGN: Is there anything you would like to add before I let you get back to work?

EF: Thanks for letting me do this!

...if you want to see more about On the Lamb Games, head on over to !!!