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Omega Prime: Cargo Bay 28mm pdf from Finger and Toe now available

Finger And Toe released a new map. This one's for a cargo bay.

From the release:

“Cargo is the lifeblood of Human Space, boys and girls. Moving it means moving life. And do YOU know what that means? Money! So GET MOVING NOW!”

Finger and Toe Models announces the release of Omega Prime: Cargo Bay, the largest expansion set to the baseplate-based system for creating interiors for space ships, space station, ground installations, and underground complexes for your 28mm sci-fi commandos and explorers. Using the new props you can easily create a cargo or shuttle bay for your installations and space ships.

Included are three new wall sections and base plate, three equipment cabinets, two working doors (one extra wide to get cargo inside your ship and one 8" wide and 5" high hanger door), plus buttresses and joints. While Omega Prime; Cargo Bay is an expansion set, it can also be used as a standalone set.