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Omega Edition of Omen: A Reign of War up on Kickstarter

Small Box Games is chugging along on their Kickstarter campaign for Omen: A Reign of War Omega Edition.
They're almost 2x funded already with over 2 weeks to go.


From the campaign:

Small Box Games' acclaimed two player card game, Omen: A Reign of War, is back in its final edition: The Omega Edition, for only $17!

First published in 2011, Omen has become a favorite two player game of gamers across the globe, even with minimal print runs. Nominated for the 2012 Golden Geek for best 2 Player card game, and lauded by fans and reviewers for its simple and dynamic mechanics, myriad of combos, and gorgeous art, Small Box Games is excited to announce the final edition of Omen; the Omega Edition.