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Olympus, Inc. Now Available In .PDF

I have some friends who are followers of the old Norse gods. Like, legit-wise. You hear about that from time to time, but you don't hear too many people saying they're followers of the old, Olympian pantheon. Maybe that's by design. Maybe it's because there's a secret war going on between Olympians and Titans all around us, but we're just blind to it. That's what's going on in Olympus, Inc., which is now available digitally for all you .PDF lovers out there.


From the announcement:

Fabled Environments is proud to announce the release of their first setting book for Savage Worlds entitled, Olympus Inc.

Written by Gilbert Gallo and Charles White, this book thrusts players into a modern dystopian world where they assume the role of modern demigods who are locked in a shadow war with forces aligned to the Titans. Olympus, Inc combines the vibe of the cyberpunk genre with modern espionage and urban fantasy.

In the book you will find
Several New Edges and Hindrances
Details On Six Of The Olympians Gods And Their Corporations
Three Types Of Demigods
List of Powers For Each Demigod Bloodline
Amazing Adventure Generator
So much more!!