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Olympus Inc For Savage World Launches on Indiegogo

This is actually a relaunch of sorts. Due to a technical error, the original campaign was cancelled. But now they're back and on Indiegogo. The substance of the campaign is the same, though the goal has been lowered slightly and there's a shorter, overall, funding period for it.

But if you'd missed out on the first one, or just forgotten, Olympus Inc. brings the mythology of Ancient Greece and brings it to the everyday world. It's hidden, just out of sight of the everyday person. But those with the right kind of eyes can see the titanic struggle (literally, since it involves the Titans) going on. The Titans have taken over Olympus and the Olympian gods are trying to gain power through worship by humans and, well, money. It's into this secret war that your players find themselves.

The campaign's a bit more than 1/5 of their way to the goal with still 15 days in the campaign.