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Olleys Armies Workbench page updated

Olleys Armies have posted new photos of their Workbench page. Titan Scrunt From their announcement:
Hello All. I have just added some exciting new greens of Bob's to Olleys Armies workbench page. They include a new type of 28mm scale Scrunt, he's in heavy armour, with breast plate, shoulder armour, hanging plate armour and helmet. At the moment there's one body type, but there will be a choice of 6 different right and left weapon/arms. I've also added a Cart pulled by 3 dogs, we imagine it to be used to take ammo, weapons and supplies to the frontline. These miniatures along with some greens of Scrunt Mutant Hunters (still to be added to the workbench page) have just been sent off to be moulded and cast, so hopefully they will be available for sale on the Olleys Armies Website very soon. Thanks for reading