Olleys Armies release new Psychic Mutant Troopers

Olleys Armies have released a small horde of new sci-fi Scrunt miniatures to their online store.

Psychic Mutant Troopers

From their announcement:

Hello, we’ve just added 16 New Psychic Mutant Trooper Scrunts to Olleys Armies website shop.

They are available in 5 sets or you can buy all 16 for £32.

The story behind these minis is as follows :The Psychic Mutant Trooper Scrunts and Scrunties, were originally Scrunts from the regular Scrunt forces, that is until they were captured by the evil and twisted Psychic Scrunts. Taken to the Psychics bio and mutation labs, these poor unfortunates were experimented upon both psychically and mentally, until they were ready to be turned and used against their own race.

I hope you like them. Thanks for reading, Jackie