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Olleys Armies Miniatures Announce New Releases

Olleys Armies Miniatures Announce New Releases:

From their announcment:

Hi, everyone! We are pleased to announce our latest Olleys Armies miniature release - ten Scrunt Tactical Assault Troops. The miniatures are cast in high quality metal, measure 23mm foot to eye-level, and are available in a choice of two packs of five miniatures at £15 GBP each pack, or at a discount price of £25 GBP if you buy both packs. For full details, please visit the Olleys Armies website.

Also this month, we are offering a 25% discount on all our scenery items of £25 GBP and above. This offer will run for a limited time only, and many of the scenery items are one-off pieces that will not be repeated, so get something while you can.