Olleys Armies miniature auction and special offer

Olleys Armies are auctioning the rights to two figures and also have a special offer on their painted figures.

Graveyard Reaper

From their announcement:

Hello, Are you interested in buying the full ownership rights to two collectors pieces? If you are then visit our auction page on the Olleys Armies Website.

We are offering up for auction the Hell Awaits Limited Edition Miniature by Bob Olley, it has a limited edition of 100, of which we have already sold numbers 1 to 22. There is a master mould at Griffin Moulds Ltd to order your castings from.

Figure details: 4 part kit. Metal Weight 160g, Dimensions; Grim Reaper height 36mm from foot to eyelevel, base size length 67mm width 30mm

Also up for auction is the 54mm Scale figure called The Lizard King, Sculpted by Aaron Brown. Once again the master mould for this is at Griffin Moulds and can also be used to order casting from.

For full details visit our website and click on the Auction button on the homepage.

Finally we also have a Buy One Get One Free offer on our painted miniatures page. All the figures are painted to a very high standard, many are painted by Bob who also sculpted them so they are quite unique really.