Olleys Armies auction

Olleys Armies are auctioning two lots of figures including reproduction rights.

From their announcement:

Hello, finally sorted out the master castings so I can at last auction the Olleys Armies Minotaurs (6 of them) and the Olleys Armies “Puffy the Pompous Dragon”. Anyone interested in bidding, please visit our website and click on the auction button on the home page. The auction starts today and the last day for bids being accepted is on 24 January.

These auctions will be followed in the near future by Alice meets caterpillar and the Limited Edition Hell Awaits.

One last thing we know we had a number of people interested in the past, but unfortunately our pc crashed a couple of months ago and we lost all the email contact addresses, so appologies to anyone who is waiting to be contacted personally regards this auction, and if anyone knows of anyone who might be interested please contact them on our behalf.