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Old Guard Publishing launches Zombie Plague card game Kickstarter

Old Guard Publishing has launched their Kickstarter campaign in order to fund their Zombie Plague card game. Go have yourself a look, but be sure to go armed.

From the campaign:

Everyone knows the zombie apocalypse is coming. The only question is how prepared will you be?

Zombie Plague is a card and dice game for 2-6 players that tests each player's ability to prepare for and survive the zombie apocalypse.
There are two phases to each game of Zombie Plague: stockpiling and survival. In the stockpiling phase, each player will build up their cache of supplies while trying to whittle down their opponents with everything from natural disasters to sabotage. Players continue stockpiling until the zombies show up, and then it's on! During the survival phase, each player will be forced to deal with a steadily dwindling cache of supplies as they fight off hordes of zombies until only one player remains.