Old Guard Grenadiers available for pre-order from Victrix

Victrix Ltd. is now accepting pre-orders for their 28mm plastic French Old Guard Grenadiers boxed set.


From their website:

Victrix are pleased to announce that set VX0009 Napoleon’s Old Guard Grenadiers is ready for pre-order. We expect them to start shipping by 14th February.

This set represents Napoleon’s Old Guard Grenadiers as they would have looked on many of their campaigns from 1804 to 1815 and full of grizzled, veteran character. The set contains 60 figures and fast play rules, also included are 8 regimental flags, representing flags of the 1811 and 1812 issue. Positions included in the box are:

  • 4 officers
  • 4 standard bearers
  • 4 drummers
  • 16 firing line, firing, priming and loading
  • 16 march attack with arms fully attached
  • 16 either march attack or advancing at porte/charge

Of course any arm can be used on any figure, giving you the option to make many more positions than listed.

For those who pre-order this set direct from Victrix from now until February 28th, will receive a free flag sheet of the 1815 Imperial Guard flag, issued to the 1st regiment of Grenadiers and 1st Regiment of Chasseurs for the Waterloo campaign.