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Old Glory pre-orders for Historicon 2011

Old Glory is now accepting pre-orders for pick-up at Historicon 2011. From their announcement:
The time is slipping by quickly and Historicon is almost here. With the ever increasing amount of product we have we just can not bring everything with us to the shows. We are taking pre-orders to bring to the show so if you want to make 100% certain the product you want is there, please call Old Glory at 724-423-3580, or place your order on the Old Glory Corp direct web site making a note in the comment section "to be picked up at Historicon". You can also request we bring specific items for you to see without being obligated to purchase. The pre-orders cover all the ranges and products we have, which includes Blue Moon Manufacturing and Crusader USA. You can also email us the pre-orders at either or Please have your pre-orders in to us by June 30th to allow us time to get everything cast for your order. Your pre-orders and requests of specific products will be boxed with your name on them so tell us at the booth that we have a pre- order or special request for you. We look forward to seeing you in a few weeks. Kindest Regards, The Old Glory Crew