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Old Dominion GameWorks redesigned website

Old Dominion GameWorks have a newly redesigned website. From their announcement:
Old Dominion GameWorks has re-designed their web site. WWW.ODGW.COM has received a completely new look and has many improvements. We have listen to the masses and made great efforts to keep things current and fresh. Additionally there are new features for members to use. And they are free. Features include: Forums – Discuss topics with your friends, talk to the game designers, or simply rant and rave about a game. (Politely of course.) You can set custom profile fields, have your own avatar, subscribe to topics, and much more. Must be a registered user Members area – Search for other members and add buddies to your My Friends list. Must be a registered user Store Front – Place where you can purchase our rule sets and accessories. Downloads –Download Files.. The Public Access library has lots of cool bonus files and free stuff. The Private Access library has PDF version of our rules and other bonus files for folks who have purchase our product. You don’t have to be a registered user to access the Public Library but you must register to access the Private Libraries. Calendar – Place to enter and keep track of events such as games and conventions. Must be a registered user Chat –Communicate via out new free Instant Messenger service. Once you have registered you can hit your game buddies up for some discussion. Talk about your recent games, discuss the pros and cons of your favorite military vehicle or time period. (Again please be polite.) Must be a registered user Links – Access links to various Internet destinations of miniature game related sites. Must be a registered user News Articles – Place where there will be news about all our rule sets and ODGW happenings. Help – Find "How to" articles for web site navigation. This will give more in-depth descriptions to the features outlined above. Also there are articles related to registration, contacting ODGW, and much more.
Last Year, ODGW was besieged with several challenges due to various bugs and gnomes that were running amok in the old web site. We, therefore, spent no expense (really, one of the talented members of our group did it for free) to squash the bugs and exorcise the gnomes. (We hope) We have migrated the forums and user accounts. We have taken great care to capture all the data from the old site and port it to the new site. If you find something missing please let us know. So you have read the good news: new site, new features, same great service, etc… Now for the bad news: the one item that we could not port over from the old site was user passwords. (And if you think about this it could be a good thing knowing your account and password was safe even from us..) If you had an account simply go to the Help section and look for the "Logging In and Out" news article. This will help you but if you are having problems and nothing seems to work contact One of our friendly staff will help you through this transition. Thank you for your support and steadfast dedication to our products over these many years. We are like you in as much we like to game and think wargaming is a fantastic hobby. Sincerely, ODGW