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Okumarts Games Releases The Anime Hack for The Black Hack

We all know my love of giant robots. One place they tend to show up a lot is in anime. Well, if you'd like to bring your love of giant robots to your gaming table, you might want to check out the Anime Hack supplement that Okumarts Games just put out for The Black Hack RPG system.

Though there's more than just giant robots (though why you wouldn't want to just use the giant robots, I'm not entirely sure. But hey, you're not me). There's also katanas and ninjas and oversize mallets and even monsters that you can collect and put in your pocket. Ok, maybe some of that does sound kinda cool. The supplement comes with eight new character classes, including Mecha Jockey, Neko, and Trenchcoat Samurai.

Though it's based off of the Black Hack rules, you don't need a copy of those in order to play. Getting the Anime Hack will get you going as soon as you've got your character built.