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Okumarts Games Releases Darkfast Dungeons Advanced Set

Okumarts Games is here to help bring some height to your dungeon delving with their new Darkfast Dungeons Advanced Set: 3D Walls. This set has several sizes of walls for your various... umm... wall needs. The pieces are also designed to fold flat for easy storage.


From the announcement:

Okumarts Games has released the Advanced Set for the Kickstarter-funded Darkfast Dungeons fantasy adventure game.

The Advanced Set offers two choices of 3D dungeon fold flat walls. There are full walls and half walls for players who want to see the minis a bit better. There are also three texture options available for the walls.

The modular walls are designed for use with Darkfast Dungeons Basic Set, but may be used for any tabletop wargame or role-playing game.

The set is completely fold flat for easy storage.