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Okumarts Games Launches Kid-Friendly Supers RPG Kickstarter

Okumarts Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Save the Day, their new superhero RPG. The system is rather rules-light, but built to help recreate the action and excitement of comic books on the tabletop. The quick character creation guide will allow you to build any superhero you can imagine. The campaign is right on the edge of funding and still has 32 days to go on the clock.

From the campaign:

Save the Day is a rules light superhero role playing game designed with kids in mind, without ignoring the demands of seasoned gamers. Save the Day uses a system developed for the ENnie Nominated Katana Schoolgirls vs Zombie Furries, Snowball Wars and Kickstarter-funded Darkfast Dungeons. It’s designed to emulate comic book action and allows for lightning-quick character creation. With the Advanced Edition greater detail and customization allows the players and game master a chance to create any hero they can imagine. Designed and created by two time nominated ENnie Award artist and writer David Okum, Save the Day is sure to please comic book fans and gamers alike.