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Ogres and Underworlds Monstrous Encounters is Now Available

New Realms Publishing gives your PCs something to do with their new Monstrous Encounters book, now available for Ogres and Underworlds.

Monstrous Encounters


From the release:

Add some monstrous mayhem to your games with Ogres and Underworlds Monstrous Encounters. Monstrous Encounters brings you complete stats and descriptions for over fifty monsters, over a dozen new special abilities, updated size modifiers and more! With Monstrous Encounters, the Game Master can quickly design encounters for their Ogres and Underworlds adventures. In addition, many of the monsters described in Ogres and Underworlds Monstrous Encounters appear in the Universal Adventures Encounter Deck and Wilderness Deck. So you can use Ogres and Underworlds and Ogres and Underworlds Monstrous Encounters along with Universal Adventures products, such as the Dungeon Deck, Encounter Deck, and Wilderness Deck, to quickly create adventures before, or while, you play or to play solo. Enter new realms of fantasy adventure with Ogres and Underworlds and Universal Adventures!