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Ogres and Underworlds is Now Available from New Realms Publishing

New Realms Publishing gets you to sharpen your sword and grab your shield as they unleash Ogres and Underworlds.

Ogres and Underworlds


From the release:

Ogres and Underworlds is a role-playing game of backstabbing, sword swinging, spell blasting, old school fantasy adventure from New Realms Publishing and its available now! Inspired by classic tales of swords and sorcery adventure, fantasy literature and old school RPG’s, Ogres and Underworlds is an easy to learn, easy to play, fun and exciting fantasy role-playing game. Great for beginners and veteran gamers alike, Ogres and Underworlds includes sections on characters, equipment, magic, action, adventure and more! Visit the product page for more information, pick up a copy and start playing as soon as you find your dice because Ogres and Underworlds also includes an introductory solo adventure that teaches you the basics while you play.

Easy to learn and easy to play, with Ogres and Underworlds and your imagination you can bring the realms of fantasy adventure to life on your tabletop and discover your own stories to tell.