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Ogres and Underworlds Fantastic Races #1 Sentient Skeleton Now Available

New Realms Publishing preps for the spooky season with their Fantastic Races #1: Sentient Skeleton supplement for Ogres and Underworlds.

Fantastic Races


From the release:

Back from the dead and bad to the bone, try a new kind of character in your next fantasy adventure, play a sentient skeleton! Sentient Skeleton is the first in a new series of products from New Realms Publishing. Each edition of Fantastic Races brings you a new race to add to your Ogres and Underworlds games. Sentient Skeleton includes a description of the sentient skeleton, ability score modifiers, disadvantages, over a dozen special abilities and more. Create a new kind of adventurer and enter a new realm of fantasy adventure with Ogres and Underworlds and Fantastic Races.