Ogre Kingdoms: Getting Started

By tgn_admin
In Age of Sigmar
Aug 26th, 2011

Games Workshop have posted the first of their Warhammer Ogre Kingdoms articles – Ogre Kingdoms: Getting Started.

From their website:

Far to the east of the Worlds Edge Mountains, across the barren, wind-swept steppes of the Howling Wastes lie the Mountains of Mourn, where the Ogre Kingdoms lie. In ages past, these snow-capped peaks were home to an ancient race known as the Sky-titans, enormous Giants of surprising intelligence so huge that would make even the mighty Bonegrinders seem insignificant. But the impact of the comet that would later form the vast crater known to the Ogres as the Great Maw forced the tribes to abandon their ruined homeland and migrate west. After a bitter conflict that saw the entire race of Sky-titans fall to the ravenous hordes of Ogre refugees, the tribes settled in this newly acquired land and the Ogre Kingdoms were born.

  • jedijon

    Link redirects to TGN main page.

  • lordofexcess

    I’m excited! Not for the new Ogre stuff but because the crap I have thats been gathering dust forever will fetch a much better price on ebay now! I will say some the new stuff is cool Mournfang Cavalry, Thundertusks, etc. But with the finecast crap in general and seriously they recast the Greasus Goldtooth model one of the worst sculpts in the GW range since the early days in resin … and its 60 bucks. The gorgers, the butchers still look like a six year old sculpted them, the yetis are a joke they look terrible … waif yetis … really?! ARGH!! Overall this is still the ugliest (and not in a good way like the orcs) crap in the GW range. They’ve added a few models that are cool and perhaps worth looking at for conversions, etc. but overall I’m out on yet another GW release and a few years back I was buying everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) they were releasing. Ah well there is always the hope that Mantic will keep doing cool things and eventually have full ranges. Maybe then they’ll start giving GW some real competition and shake them out of their complacency.