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Ogre: Designer's Edition up on Kickstarter

Steve Jackson Games has the newest version of their Ogre franchise up on Kickstarter asking for your help.
Man, I remember playing Ogre/G.E.V. that came out of a box that looked like it should hold a VHS tape. Those were the days.

From the website:

Ogre was the first game I ever designed. It came out in 1977! It’s been out of print for years, except for the miniatures rules. I’m constantly getting requests to bring it back, and in 2008 we started working on a new edition . . . a “designer’s edition” that would be as big and beautiful as any wargame you’ve ever seen.

Even as planned right now, the game is huge. The current prototype weighs 14 pounds! There are three huge maps - one 17" x 21" Ogre map and two geomorphic two-sided G.E.V./Shockwave maps. The hexes are 1.5" across, with counters to fit. And the Ogre and building counters are 3-D models made of heavy cardstock. There are already well over 15 square feet of chipboard in this game.