Ogre Designer’s Edition has a Walkthrough, More Counters and More Goals!

By TGN Ross
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May 3rd, 2012

Ogre Designer’s Edition from Steve Jackson Games on Kickstarter, is over $450,000 and rising with 7 days to go!

From their update:

Andrew Walters, who has been playing and playtesting Ogre and G.E.V. for a very long time, has done some excellent walkthroughs for Ogre. See them here!

Counter Sheets

When we announced that printer deadlines would force us to take down the last four independent counter sheets, they were all snapped up . . . with one more would-be sponsor left out in the cold. And the printer gave us till the end of today. So we have added two instances of a separate $4,500 counter sheet reward, with slightly more stringent conditions because time is short, and those WILL go away at midnight, our time, if they’re not taken.

More Goals Fallen, More Set Up

We knocked down $425K (more music) and then powered right through $450 (yes, there will be miniatures!) We are breathing down the neck of $475K, and soon we will have to announce that mysterious $500K goal.

But right now we’re announcing the two goals past $500K. They are detailed at the bottom of the page. One will improve everyone’s box again, and the other is continuing system support.

Expect another update tonight!

– Steve Jackson

  • CaulynDarr

    Much better

  • shiny

    I’m so psyched this is happening.

  • So incredible for a game that shows the heart of the traditional wargame- Hexs and chits!

    This box is amazing.

  • Sergeant_Crunch

    What amazes me is they’ve managed to raise nearly half a million dollars gross revenue in short time. I can’t help but wonder if anything like this has ever happened before in the gaming industry.

  • NazZ

    Congrats to Steve Jackson and OGRE on becoming the new top-raising board game of all time! The crown hadn’t even settled on Zombicide’s head before it was dethroned… $835,000 and climbing with 11 hours to go! Hooray for classic sci-fi wargaming!