Ogre Designer’s Edition funded at over $900k

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
May 13th, 2012

Ogre Designer’s Edition had an amazing Kickstarter campaign, raising over $900k for the project. Congratulations to everyone at Steve Jackson Games and I can’t wait to post up “Ogre releases!” here on TGN.

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  • blkdymnd

    That’s crazy. Almost $2 million combined for 2 recent board games. Recession my butt 🙂

    • Well since neither of them made a million it would be tough for the combined total to be almost $2m.

      But I am looking forward to my copies of Ogre. I am braced for the tax bill when they get to me in the UK.

  • JRacel

    The important thing to remember about recessions is that hobbies tend to do a little better than other market segments. Since people can’t afford trips, vacations and expensive items like cars and TVs, they tend to spend money on entertainment at home. For people that have gaming hobbies, this means more money spend on games because they offer more long term return on investment than going out to see a movie, a sports event, a concert or most other forms of entertainment. $100 bucks only covers a few decent meals out, but for a game it can mean many years worth of entertainment. It’s a good bargain that people flock to when times are down.

  • NazZ

    Don’t look now, but I think your favoritism is showing… 😉

    Not to take away from Zombicide, they ran a great campaign and appear to be producing a product of incredible value, but I can’t help but notice that they got a full image post with their exact amount raised and accolades for “top board game ever,” shortly after the kickstarter closed. Ogre blows them out of the water, and gets no picture, a rough (lowball) estimate of the amount raised, and no mention of the top spot… two days after the fact.

    Journalism integrity guys… I know this is a private blog and you can do whatever you want, but this kind of obvious behavior is really starting to wear thin. This had been my one-stop-shop for gaming news for years, but recently the quality and substance of the reporting has been a shadow of the old days. I know, I know… I can take my sour opinions and leave, but it just makes me a little sad to see something I loved change so radically (for the worse, while I’m on my soapbox… don’t worry, getting down now…)

    • Dont forget, NazZ, that information and news has to be submitted on here to be part of the blog. If no one submits, then nothing gets posted. If a news story doesn’t include all the information when it’s submitted, then it doesn’t get posted, including pictures and details.

      I don’t think they actually write the stories, but just simply post what is submitted. We can’t blame CMoN on this one, unless I’m mistaken on how things are ran now or even how things were run “then.”

    • Bellygrub

      That graphic was sent to backers at the close of the kick starter. Someone obviously forwarded it to be posted here. Did Ogre send out a graphic? If so submit it.

      • Polar_Bear

        What was submitted to me was what you see posted up there. It was submitted by someone else interested in Ogre and not by SJ Games, themselves.

        Ok. Maybe I should’ve grabbed a graphic to go with it and said exactly how much they made, but it’s mostly just me doing this stuff. Also, this isn’t the only job I have. So I apologize for what’s maybe a “half-article.”

    • CaulynDarr

      I doubt there’s some grand conspiracy, but CMON probably knows how how to get news on TTGN better than other companies. I don’t think this is an intended bias, just an accidental one.

  • That is awesome!

    What excites me is that Car Wars will get a chance at a return! I’d like to see a 14lb box of new Car Wars Designer’s Edition!

    • I couldn’t agree more!

    • Veritas

      I agree. Ogre is a cool game, but I want me some Car Wars!

  • EasyEight

    Ooh! Car Wars with customizable vehicle figures please!!

  • Grim6

    After going back and forth, I didn’t jump in because at the end of the day, I didn’t want $100 worth of cardboard cut outs.

    That said, I am very glad to see that the fans have proven to Steve Jackson that Ogre is worth reviving. This “collector” edition is not what I was looking for, but I am very hopeful that they will get around now to creating a new, updated “entry” level version, and hopefully some new minis.

    • Durandal

      Small correction, but due to the massive subsidization going on with the box (a big thanks to Munchkin for making this possible) it is actually nearly $300 of cardboard and the cardboard isn’t cardboard, it’s chipboard (small niggling difference in terminology but chipboard is head and shoulders above regular cardboard).

      And rest assured due to the success of the kick starter there will be a new edition of the pocket edition of Ogre as well as a full reboot of the minis line and a reprint of the miniatures rules in the future. As someone who put in his $150, you’re welcome. :p

      • Grim6

        Thanks! I eagerly look forward to the fruits of your patronage! 🙂

        But look at it this way – You paid $150 for $300 of product. So really, you made $150 dollars! Me? I paid $0 for $0. So technically, you are ahead!

        At least, that’s how I would rationalize it. When my wife asks about the credit card bill… 🙂

        • Durandal

          That’s the best part, she signed off on it first. So she can say nothing, nothing!


          But this thing is so ridiculously stuffed with content I just couldn’t pass it up. It is basically decades of awesome wargaming for $150. I’m just a big sucker for hex’n’chit wargames, especially when they have insane production values like this.

          • shiny

            What you said.

            Really, when I first heard about SJG thinking about an Edition to End all Editions I was skeptical, perhaps made so by the glut of Munchkin-level output from them over the past decade.

            But as I started to read into it, and I looked at my old beloved plastic-box version of OGRE and GEV….I knew the time had come. I got in at 150, bought some extra swag to boot (patches for my motorcycle jacket that NOBODY will understand!) and canna wait until November. 😀

          • Durandal

            Actually, because Kickstarter is awesome and they reached a certain stretch goal the backers get it a whole month early. So we can get all the goodness in October. 😀

  • cama

    Car Wars in the little black plastic boxes was one of my favourite games of all time.

    I would gladly buy Ogre and Car Wars in a reprint of the original format. If there are minis, it would be cool to see a Battlefoam custom bag with logos and such.

  • Wow, Kickstarter seems to be funding a lot of dream projects.. wonder if I should start putting together my crazy idea 😛
    Glad this got some legs and can see production!

    • Its worth a shot!

      Worst case you don’t get funding, but at least you tried!

      • I think my worst fear is actually getting funded.. lol.. I would hate to be one of those people that gets an idea out there and people get on board and then not be able to deliver.
        I have an idea for something though that I think would be insanely fun/cool.. so you’re right.. I guess it’s time to start putting it into an actual playable ruleset and getting some prototype stuff together. Then maybe try to talk to some guys I know from some of the companies I’ve done art for.. see what I can learn.

        • It does take a lot of hard work, courage, and guts.. but it can be a fun scary experience. Just about everyone I’ve met in the industry has been incredibly friendly and helpful about how to get things done.