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Ogre 6th Edition announced

Steve Jackson Games have announced the upcoming release of a Sixth Edition of the Ogre boardgame. Ogre From their website:
Later this year, we’ll release Ogre 6th Edition. It will be a very, very deluxe boardgame, with all the rules and units from Ogre, G.E.V., and Shockwave, as well as things that have only appeared in magazines and miniature releases. Why? Because I want to. Ogre was my first design, and the boardgame version hasn’t been available for years. And people keep asking me for it. So some of our Munchkin money is going back to support the people who bought my very first game, by bringing them an edition with the best possible components. It won’t be “Euro” style. No meeples, no plastic. This will be the kind of hex wargame that we dreamed about 30 years ago, back when our heroes were SPI and Avalon Hill. Huge double-sided map boards. Huge full-color counters with Huge type. A Huge box to hold them in. And giant constructible Ogres!