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Official Shield Transfers for Fireforge Games new Plastic Foot Sergeants from Battle Flag

Battle Flag gives your caffeine hands a break, coming out with new waterslide transfers for Fireforge Games.

From the announcement:

Here at Battle Flag we are extremely pleased to have been chosen to produce the official waterslide transfer and decal sets for the superb Fireforge Plastics range of 28mm medieval wargame miniatures.

The latest shield designs are for the all new Fireforge Foot Sergeants released this week.

The transfers are available in both an as new and a battle damaged, war weary finish. We have created 24 different designs for the first four waterslide transfer sheets. This ensures that you can place 96 different foot sergeants on the table and not one of their shields is repeated; although you will be able to build up retinues of 4 figures sharing the same heraldic blazon.

With the second phase almost complete the gamer will soon be able to field almost 200 Foot Sergeant models with different shield designs for a truly awesome spectacle.

Battle Flag also produce the official transfer sets for Fireforge Games Teutonic and Templar Knights boxed sets.

Look out for more new official Fireforge Medieval waterslide decal sets from Battle Flag soon.