Official Battles of Westeros announcement

Fantasy Flight Games have posted the official announcement for the upcoming Battles of Westeros game.

From their website:

This weekend at the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center Grand Opening, lucky attendees were able to catch a glimpse of, and even play, an early copy of our latest game. Now, you can share in the excitement… Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Battles of Westeros. Battles of Westeros lets two players recreate the military conflicts set in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, taking part in battles directly from the books… or designing their own.

In this epic board game of battlefield tactics, players control either House Stark, the wards of Winterfell who have called their hearty allies to defend their honor and lands, or House Lannister, an aggressive force funded by Casterly Rock’s endless supply of gold.

Featuring over 138 detailed plastic figures and bases, 110 cards, a gorgeous double-sided six-panel board, over 32 map overlays, and much more, Battles of Westeros provides everything players need to relive the excitement and intrigue of the wars for the Iron Throne… and with their favorite Stark and Lannister characters.