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Of Dreams and Magic up on Kickstarter

ODAM Publishing has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Of Dreams and Magic, their new RPG where your dreams become realities, and some of your realities become dreams.



From the campaign:

What if you learned that all your life, you had been lied to? You had always been told what was wise and what was foolish. What was possible, and what was impossible. All your life, you had been so sure of how to separate reality from fantasy. But what if at night you closed your eyes and dreamed a dream where you overcame these limitations? What if it was so vivid, so real, and when you woke, you found the dream's magic had carried over? What then? Well, you'd be an Anima! You would come to learn that magic IS real and your dreams DO matter.

Of Dreams and Magic is a tabletop roleplaying game about living in a world where anything is possible. Sporting its own unique rule system, Of Dreams and Magic provides everything needed to help you and your friends share stories of any kind, in any setting.