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OdiousLists party card game up on Kickstarter

OdiousLists is a new, adult-themed, party card game that's up on Kickstarter. Players are given a prompt and must come up with answers all starting with the same letter. Points are scored for original answers, as well as the funniest. It's essentially Scattergories, but for the Over-18 set. The campaign's over the funding limit already, closing in on 2x funded with still 23 days to go.

From the campaign:

In OdiousLists, players have a limited time to come up with answers to outrageous, irreverent, and offensive prompts... with all answers for a given round starting with the same letter of the alphabet. Points are only awarded for unique answers - with extra points for the funniest answers - so you'll have to be creative AND dirty. Which we're sure comes naturally to you given your sordid past.

The prompts have gone through multiple rounds of edits based on feedback from literally hundreds of play-testers. Our goal has been to determine the prompts that best allow players to come up with hilarious answers.