ODGW Ship Base price increasing

Old Dominion Gameworks are increasing the price of their clear acrylic ship bases.

From their announcement:

ODGW has worked over the years to provide the gamer with great rule sets and accessories. Products like Mein Panzer, American Battlelines, and General Quarters III through custom turn gauges and deviation dice. ODGW strives to provide the best products for the most enjoyable table top game experience possible.

The launch of ODGW clear acrylic ship bases with etched wakes last summer was and continues to be an outstanding example of bringing you, our customer, the kind of products we’d like to use on our own wargame table tops. The response to these acrylic bases has been fantastic!! We were humbled by the positive and kind input you gave. ODGW responded to customer feedback and introduced 2 additional size bases to the initial four that were released. We cannot say enough to thank you enough for this phenomenal success.

However with every success there comes a sacrifice. ODGW has been working closely with the manufacture of these wonderfully etched acrylic ship bases. Due to unforeseen circumstances the price to produce these bases, from labor to material has increased dramatically from our original costing estimates. Thus accordingly ODGW will need to increase our retail cost. We do not do this without taking considerable time to evaluate all options to mitigate the impact of this increase. However we do believe the uniqueness and utility of these high quality clear acrylic ship bases with etched wakes will indeed be a great enhancement to you, our valued customer’s table top naval games and worth the price. The new prices are in effect now and are posted on our web site.

ODGW again thanks you for your understanding in this matter. We sincerely appreciate your patronage over the years and hope to continue this for many years to come. Any and all questions related to this matter or any ODGW issue can be sent to sales@ODGW.com.