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Oddzial Osmy's Latest 3mm Releases Arrive in the US

PicoArmor, your exclusive place to find Oddzial Osmy in the US, has the latest releases available now in their webshop.

From the announcement:

Oddzial Osmy's exclusive North American distributor, PicoArmor, that the June 3mm releases are available and shipping.

US-688 F9F Panther (8 pcs) - Standard US Navy jet-fighter of Korean War

WWH-698 Sdkfz 250/1 Neu (15 pcs) - Light half-tracked armored carrier - late war, 'neu' design
WWH-699 Sdkfz 250/7 + /9 Neu (7+7 pcs) - Mortar and turreted 2cm gun versions
WWH-6100 Sdkfz 250/8 + /10 Neu (7+7 pcs) - Support versions with 3,7cm and 7,5 cm guns
WWH-6101 Jagdpanther (15 pcs) - Heavy tank destroyer based on Panther hull

NAP-619 Infantry - Helmet - Command (5+5+5 pcs)
NAP-620 Skirmishers - Helmet (15 pcs)

TR-616 Palms II (6 pcs) - Additional set of palm trees
TR-617 Palms III (6 pcs) - Additional set of palm trees
TR-618 Wooden huts (6 pcs) - Village wooden houses, two designs

John Siewenie