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Oddzial Osmy's Latest 3mm and 15mm Releases Arrive in the US

PicoArmor has the latest releases from Oddzial Osmy now available over in their webshop for all you US purchasers.


From the announcement:

PicoArmor (exclusive NA distributor) is pleased to announce that Oddzial Osmy's 3mm and 15mm February releases are in stock and available to order.

US-690 M102 105mm (15 pcs) - light towed howitzer
US-691 F-84F Thunderstreak (8 pcs) - swept-wing evolution of F-84 Thunderjet

WSU-651 Su-2 (8 pcs) - Soviet light bomber

WUS-641 M4A3 Sherman (15 pcs) - M4 variant with Ford GAA engine and new welded hull
WUS-642 M24 Chaffee (15 pcs) - light tank, used in final part of 2WW and many postwar conflicts

GW-601 Mk A Whippet (15 pcs) - British 'fast' medium tank
GW-602 A7V (15 pcs) - only German tank used in WWI, only 20 built
GW-603 Saint-Chamond (15 pcs) - French heavy tank, armed with 75mm gun

PSF-607 "Blower" MBT (15 pcs) - heavy air-cushion tank - 'Hammer's Slammers' type
PSF-608 "Blower" ACV (15 pcs) - air-cushion 'combat car' - 'Hammer's Slammers' type

NAP-625 Heavy cavalry IV (15 pcs) - heavy cavalry in bicorne
NAP-626 Heavy cavalry IVa (10+5 pcs) - heavy cavalry in bicorne + command stands

SF-1529 Ghouls (6 pcs) - SF ghouls, 3 poses