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Oddzial Osmy's Latest 3mm and 15mm Releases Arrive in the US

PicoArmor has the latest releases from Oddzial Osmy now over in their webshop for you US buyers.


From the release:

PicoArmor is pleased to announce that Oddzial Osmy's 3mm and 15mm January releases are in stock and available to order.

MN-624 NATO Cold War infantry I (15 pcs) - Ideal for most NATO countries
MN-625 NATO Cold War infantry II (15 pcs) - Support weapons and command

FR-616 Berliet GBC (15 pcs) - Heavy truck
FR-617 F3 155mm (15 pcs) - SP 155mm gun on AMX-13 chassis
FR-618 Mirage IIIE (8 pcs) - Multirole supersonic fighter

WWH-6102 Sdkfz 251/2 8cm GrW (15 pcs) - Half-track based SP 8cm mortar

WUS-640 M4A3E2 Jumbo (15 pcs) - Assault version of Sherman tank

PSF-605 P27 'Badger' Battlearmor (15 pcs) - Heavy power armor
PSF-606 Heavy inf. team (15 pcs) - 3-man heavy weapon squad

NAP-623 Infantry - bicorne (15 pcs)
NAP-624 Infantry - bicorne - command (15 pcs)

SF-1528 Insurgents II (6 pcs)