Oddzial Osmy's Latest 3mm and 15mm Releases Arrive in the US

PicoArmor, the exclusive North American distributor for Oddzial Osmy, now has the latest releases available.


From the release:

PicoArmor is pleased to announce that Oddzial Osmy's 3mm and 15mm August and September releases are in stock and available to order. PicoArmor is Oddzial Osmy's exclusive N American distributor.

SA-6100 Mi-6 Hook (2 pcs) - heavy transport helicopter

WBR-659 Lysander (8 pcs) - Army cooperation aircraft, famous of its special duties missions
WBR-660 Baltimore (8 pcs) - US built light bomber, used by RAF in Mediterranean theatre and North Africa

WUS-639 B-25C Mitchell (8 pcs) - First mass produced version of this US medium bomber

FR-601 AMX-30 (15 pcs) - standard French MBT during Cold War period
FR-602 AMX-10P (15 pcs) - French IFV
FR-603 VAB VTT (15 pcs) - 4x4 armored personnel carrier
FR-604 AMX-10RC (15 pcs) - wheeled recon vehicle, armed with 105mm gun
FR-605 GCT (15 pcs) - SP artillery based on AMX-30 chassis
FR-606 AMX-13/90 (15 pcs) - French light tank armed with 90mm gun
FR-607 AMX-13 DCA (15 pcs) - dual 20mm AA gun on AMX-13 chassis
FR-608 Leclerc (15 pcs) - current French MBT
FR-609 VBCI (15 pcs) - French wheeled IFV designed to replace AMX-10P
FR-610 VBL (15 pcs) - light armored car made by Panhard
FR-611 SA 330 Puma (8 pcs) - medium utility helicopter
FR-612 Mirage F1C (15 pcs) - French jet fighter/attack aircraft

WSU-650 Il-4 (8 pcs) - Soviet medium bomber

NAP-621 Heavy cavalry III (15 pcs) - heavy cavalry in bear caps
NAP-622 Heavy cavalry IIIa (10+5 pcs) - heavy cavalry including command stands

SF-1525 Zombies I (6 pcs) - First set of zombies from our new SF sub-range "The Z-factor", sculpting début of Marcin Tomaszek for Oddzial Osmy
SF-1526 Zombies II (6 pcs) - next zombies set - this time motorcycle gang from hell (real Hells Angels)!