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Oddzial Osmy announces 15mm SF range

Fighting 15s have posted details of the new 15mm sci-fi range from Oddzial Osmy. New Vistula Legion From their website:
Oddzial Osmy has released details of its forthcoming 15mm science fiction range, the New Vistula Legion. The first 10 releases are:
  • SF-1501 NVL (New Vistula Legion) Troopers, 6 assorted minis from 8 poses armed with assault guns
  • SF-1502 NVL SAWs, 3 poses
  • SF-1503 NVL Heavy rifles, 2 poses, heavy hand guns
  • SF-1504 NVL LAWs, 2 poses, one-shot AT weapons
  • SF-1505 NVL ATGMs, 3 two-men AT guided missiles/SMAW teams
  • SF-1506 NVL NCOs, 4 poses (assorted)
  • SF-1507 NVL Specialists, 3 poses, officers, medics and technicians
  • SF-1508 Reporters, 3 poses, TV teams and photo reporters
  • SF-1509 Spaceworms I, 3 poses, troopers
  • SF-1510 Spaceworms II, 3 poses, heavy weapons and commanders
Packs include six miniatures (random assortment), and have a recommended price of PLN 12.00. Fighting 15s expects this to equate to around £2.50 per pack inc VAT, depending on shipping costs. Fighting 15s has already placed its advance order for these figures, and expects to take delivery of them by mid-October.