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Oddity shows new concept art for upcoming range

Oddity Miniatures has posted up the concept art pieces for a new game they're working on called Pitfighter.


From the preview:

Oddity is working on a new game and game currently called Pitfighter! Futuristic and all manner of exotic gladiators pitted against each other in dangerous, mechanized pits for the amusement of the crowds!

''The feel we are going after is not that hitech but more 'rusty' tech so to say. Think of Dune, Star Wars (the first few!) to name a few. The feeling and settings from old classics like Salute of the Jugger, Mad Max and many more to get an idea what we are going after!''

I've comissioned some great concepts from a very talented Chilean artist named Felipe Escobar and the first fighters are being sculpted right now by the awesome Leonardo Escovar Quintero, a very talented sculptor from Spain.

Please head over to the Oddity Facebook page to keep up to date with what we are doing!