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Oddity Miniatures adds Hogman to Orcs Indiegogo campaign

Oddity Miniatures has updated their Orcs Indiegogo campaign and added the new Hogman to it.

From the update:

Update 5! The arrival of the Hogman!!!

A lot of people have asked me if I can include the Hogman into this campaign and while this was not originally intended (or calculated for that matter!), I have decided to do so! 'Cause quite honestly, we are not going that fast! So I hope this new add-on will gain us more backers and we will still be able to reach our goal. And hopefully a bit more...?!

There's also a double pack at € 23,- and a painted Hogman at € 37,- which is limited to 10!

The Hogman you see above is painted by Paul Sanderson and if you would like to own a Hogman painted by him then you can do so by pledging for one. Remember there are only 10 of these available so if you want one you better be fast before they are gone!

Please help me and share the news but more importantly back! ;)