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oddball Aeronauts hits Kickstarter

maverick:muse has launched a Kickstarter campaign for odball Aeronauts, their fast-paced card game of high-flying hijinks.


From the campaign:

Maverick Muse Ltd are pleased to announce their first play-in-the-hand, no surface required, light strategy card game - oddball Aeronauts.

oddball Aeronauts is for 2 players ages 9+ and plays between 15 - 20 mins. Each player takes control of an airship and seeks to defeat their opponent in the turbulent skies of an oddball fantasy world.

With reviews from Rahdo Run Through, TheOneTar, Little Metal Dog Show, and more, oddball Aeronauts offers a game that can be played anywhere 2 people can get together - on a plane, on a train, in a convention queue, on a ski lift (see TheOneTar's video review) and so on.