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oddball Aeronauts available now

maverick:muse, after a successful Kickstarter (2, in fact. The second one was for the first expansion), now has their oddball Aeronauts card game available on their website for you to purchase, play, and enjoy. The card game plays out quickly (about 15-20 minutes) and is somewhat like the classic card game War. As such, no surface is required when playing. Just grab your cards and start.


From the release:

Maverick Muse Ltd are pleased to announce that their first play in the hand - no surface required - light strategy card game, oddball Aeronauts is now available in stores throughout the US and Europe.

In oddball Aeronauts, two players go head to head in a dirigible duel in the skies of an oddball, steampunk-esque world. For anyone 9 years and beyond, a game plays out in 15 - 20 minutes and as it can be played almost anywhere its great when waiting in convention queues, stuck in the airport, in the school yard, whilst kicking back on your couch at home, or . . .

“We’re thrilled to be partnered with Esdevium Games in Europe and now with both GTS Distribution and PHD Distribution in the US,” Nigel Pyne of Maverick Muse advises, “so you can expect to see copies of oddball Aeronauts hitting your local store imminently and bringing something different to the shelves . . . oddball even.”