October releases from Pendraken

Pendraken Miniatures have posted details of their October 10mm historical figure releases.

SCW Carlists

From their website:

The October Releases are now available, which we’ve been busily preparing before heading off to the Derby show!

This month is SCW heavy, with the release of the Carlists, and the Regular Army, along with some more variations for the International Brigade.  We’ve also got the Artillery, which have been coded with the guns and the crews separately to make it easier for ordering.  Each pack of crew will conveniently do for 2 guns.

The Japanese armour has now arrived as well, as if those Marines didn’t have enough to worry about.

Finally, we’ve extended our new tree range up (literally), with 60mm, 90mm and 115mm deciduous types.  Next month we should have the coniferous types available as well.

Check out their forum for a full list of all their new releases as well as photos of the figures.