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October Issue of Wyrd Chronicles Now Available

Temperatures are starting to chill outside. Here in Atlanta, that means it's only getting up into the low 80s in the afternoon. Of course, people here are thus saying, "it's freezing" outside. Waddyagonnado? Well, maybe you'll get a cup of hot cocoa, wrap up in a big, fluffy blanket, and read the October issue of Wyrd Chronicles, which is now available.


So, what's in this issue? Well, there's a look at the most common mistakes new players make in Malifaux. There's a tutorial on freehanding and blending when painting your figures. There's a terrain guide on making your own haunted house. You can check out a new Through the Breach adventure. There's also a new Malifaux scenario.

All that and more, and also for free. Why not check it out?