Skip to content posts Symbaroum RPG: Team Interview sat down and had a talk with the folks behind Symbaroum RPG. It's a fantasy RPG that was originally published in Swedish, but they're running an Indiegogo campaign now to bring it to an English-speaking audience. They talk about the creation of the game, what sort of options are available to players, and the Indiegogo campaign. Go check it out.

From the website:

Last summer, I found an announcement for a new Swedish dark fantasy roleplaying game called Symbaroum.

Unfortunately, I don’t speak this language, but I liked the gorgeous artwork and the clean layout of the preview material. Some research and online translations later, I knew that I wanted a translation of this game. The descriptions of the highly focused and sinister game world full of corrupting magic and the rules-light approach appealed to me. The hints of the obviously Miyazaki-inspired (Nausicaä, Princess Mononoke) nature vs. civilisation conflicts with human hunting elves and mysterious changelings confirmed my good first impression.

Now, there is an Indiegogo fundraiser to speed up the English translation and worldwide release of the Symbaroum tabletop RPG later this year. Prometheus Games also set a German translation to release Spring 2016. Personally, I prefer English versions of international games. Thus, I pledged some money. I have no further affiliations with the team.

After the following atmospheric teaser trailer Mattias Johnsson, producer and lead writer, Mattias Lilja, Game Designer and CEO, and the graphic designer Johan Nohr answer some questions regarding their Symbaroum RPG and the current crowdfunding campaign.