Objects May Appear... launches new line of warships

Objects May Appear... have released the first in a new range of 1:2000 scale modern naval vessels. xxP1000402.jpg From their announcement:
Objects May Appear... is proud to announce the release of a new line of modern naval vessels available at http://www.shapeways.com/shops/objects?section=Seaships . Fourteen new models, including oil rigs, sea forts, destroyers, landing craft, frigates, submarines, and a prototype "arsenal ship", all in 1:2000 scale. The ships are based on a variety of modern craft, such as the German Elbe Class, Chinese Type 52 Destroyer, Soviet Tarantul class, and US Wasp-class. It also includes notional designs which never made it past the drawing board, such as the Soviet Project 1165. All models are fabricated on demand and delivered worldwide within business 10 days. Free shipping on orders over $25.