Objects May Appear launches new line of spaceships & vehicles

New manufacturer Objects May Appear… have opened an inline store to sell their spacecraft and 6mm sci-fi vehicles and terrain.


From their announcement:

Objects May Appear…, a new manufacturer of miniatures, is proud to announce a new line of Gothic/Romanesque-inspired spaceships, buildings, and 6mm vehicles.

Spaceships: Seven new designs, including a space station, battleship, frigates, transports, and cruisers, ranging in size from 3.5cm to over 10cm in length. Costs start at $9.99 USD for a pack of six frigates.

Buildings: Seven designs ranging from an ornate Gothic cathedral to a Gothic refinery (because who amongst us hasn’t seen a refinery and thought “Hey, that could do with a flying buttress.”).

Vehicles: Four new designs, including tanks and artillery platforms

All models are fabricated on demand, and delivered worldwide within 10 business days. Free shipping on orders over $25 USD.