Objects May Appear… launches new line of Post-Victorian Sci-fi Ships

Air DestroyerObjects May Appear… have released a new range of Post-Victorian Sci-fi Ships.

From their announcement:
Objects May Appear… is proud to announce the release of a new line
of Post-Victorian Sci-Fi ships. The models, ranging from 2cm to 13cm in length, combine modern design with a Victorian Sci-Fi elements to take a look at “What would Victorian Sci-Fi ships look like 50-100 years later?”

This release includes twenty-Six new models and a fleet pack, including Missile Boats, Destroyers, Cruisers, and six types of Floating Air Fortresses. All models are fabricated on demand and delivered worldwide within business 10 days. Free shipping on orders over $25.

More models from our existing lines are available at our website. More Photos are at our Photobucket gallery.

Sample Price List:
•Ether Missile Boat (Set of 12) $5.00
•Air Missile Boat (Set of 24) $5.15
•Air Fort #3,#4 (Set of 4) $6.40
•Air Corvette (Set of 4) $6.40
•Ether Torpedo Tender (Set of 3) $6.85
•Air Arsenal Ship $7.15
•Air Cruiser $9.80
•Ether Cruiser $11.01
•Ether LHD $12.90