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Oathsworn Miniatures launches new Oathsworn Heroes Kickstarter campaign

Oathsworn Miniatures has launched a new Oathsworn Heroes Kickstarter campaign in order to fund some new fantasy miniatures. And it seems people are interested, since they've already made their funding goal. So it's stretch goals for the next 27 days.


From the campaign:

Welcome to the Oathsworn Miniatures: Heroes Kickstarter, and thank you for taking the time to look at our project page.

The miniatures have been sculpted by myself, Michael Lovejoy - I'm a professional sculptor with 13 years experience in the industry, working in a variety of scales and styles. My aim is to make top quality character figures, which will be perfect for tabletop wargaming, as roleplaying characters, or simply as a miniature piece of art for figure painters and collectors.

The figures will be cast in metal, and supplied with a plastic base.